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We are often asked what we do with the proceeds from donated aircraft sales.  Cornerstone Ministry is a philanthropic, educational, and religious foundation founded in 1968.  One of our major philanthropic causes is Christian Compassion Ministries (CCM) in the Philippines.  This is a separate ministry from Cornerstone, but since we are personally acquainted with those who operate CCM we have complete confidence in them and use a portion of every plane sale to help support their ministry.  

Although CCM is a benevolent ministry to the poor and needy, particularly to children, they are also seeking at the same time to bring the good news of the gospel to these people.

CCM works with three categories of street children:  1. The real street children, who live and sleep in the streets. These have usually run away from home because of ill-treatment by parents or relatives; a few are in fact orphans. Some have been abandoned. They soon become very street hardened and usually turn to drugs and prostitution.  2. Working children who come from very poor families. Some of these are street families who live under bridges and sleep in store doorways at night. Others live in shanties of tiny rooms made of wood, cardboard and corrugated iron. These children work on the streets selling flowers, newspapers, food and other things to passing motorists. Some of these children are as young as five and six. Usually their parents are somewhere around using the children to work for them. The families often depend on the child's earnings for food. These children do not attend school.  3. Working children who also attend school. They are the same as the second group but the parents are struggling to send their children to school. They are always under pressure to drop out of school because of lack of money for education expenses (uniform, books, school supplies) and the needs of the family.

CCM is seeking to help all three categories of children — the first category by Residential Homes and the second and third categories by an Educational Assistance Program, Community Livelihood Projects and Medical Clinic.  Here in their own words is the story of this ministry:

“Christian Compassion Ministries began in 1995 as a result of the church being made aware of the needs around us in Cubao. Near to our meeting place four or five street families live under makeshift covers at night. Hearing of the needs among street children and receiving a gift to help the poor and needy the church sought the Lord as to what we should do. The answer was to seek to provide a home for girls from the streets. In May 1995 we began our children's home in a small apartment at the back of our meeting place with five girls.

Since that time the work has grown and the number of girls under care has increased to 41 (January 2001). We expect that number to still increase. Our maximum number at the New Homes is 48 but we are preparing to take between 4 and 8 more older children into our rented accommodation in Cubao. We have concentrated on girls although there is a real need for a boys home, mainly because we do not have the male staff to run such a home.  The girls range in age from 5 to 18. Most of those we now care for have been with us for some years. Two who were with us are now in foster care. A number of the girls are orphans and many have been abused at one time or another. Due to their family situations we expect to have most in long-term care. All are currently in school although many have missed quite a few years of schooling. A full-time tutor provides instruction for the children to enable them to catch up and cope with the schooling they have missed. 

In January 2000 the Lord enabled us to open our new Children's Homes about 30 minutes drive from the church. These are four terraced houses on their own ground. Each house is a separate home with its own housemothers and operates as a separate unit. Each Home can accommodate up to 12 children.

 A new venture is the opening of the CCM rented premises, which is used for the office and staff housing, to receive between 4 and 8 "hard-core" teenagers. These are older girls who are usually rejected by most agencies because of being on the streets a long time. They are usually prostitutes and drug addicts. We believe we should try and reach out to some of these girls that in the goodness of the Lord they might be rescued from their present life styles.

Many street children in fact do have homes among the poor shanty areas of Metro Manila. Often they do not go to school because they have to help supplement the family income by begging or working in the streets selling flowers and food.
CCM is seeking to help over 140 families by providing at least one child in the home an opportunity to go to school. We provide a school uniform, shoes, a bag, note books and monthly allowance. One of the social workers visits the home regularly and co-operates with the school, monitoring the progress of the child. Opportunities are given for Christian witness as literature is given to the family. The child is invited to attend the Sunday School and the parents a Bible Study in their area as well as at the church. However we do not make this compulsory but pray and invite those helped to attend.  At least once a year parents are encouraged to attend lectures on the family, on such topics as parental responsibilities and the proper discipline of children.

To help families increase their income a number of livelihood projects have been started. Families are able to obtain small interest free loans of about £50 (US$80). Many use the money to prepare food for sale – for example fried bananas or fish balls. Recently courses have been run on the preparation of cold meat products and dressmaking. Currently 30 families are being helped with livelihood projects.

In September 2000 a Medical Clinic with volunteer doctors, dentists and an optician was opened at the CCM Office in Purdue Street. It also has a registered pharmacy attended by a pharmacist from one of our sister churches, where medicines are sold at cost. The clinic is open every Saturday morning and is meeting a real need among the poor of the area.”



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